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Part inserted into another part - mass issue

Question asked by Don Hill on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Mahir Abrahim

I'm working on several dynamically changing models with several coworkers. Long story short, I am using the insert part within a part to reference key features in a way that to keeps things clear for everyone on the project. (I do have to insert the solid bodies and not just the sketches)

While inserting a part within a part, the mass is now the total of both. I do not see a checkbox or command to make the inserted part a ref. Am I missing something?

I have been adding a Delete-Body command at the end of the tree to removed the inserted part ref.  

The ref part is also hidden, so I have unchecked the box "Include hidden bodies" in the Mass Properties.

Either one works. But wanted to ask if there is a more direct "exclude mass properties" checkbox somewhere I'm missing.