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Mapping part files with dxf export

Question asked by joshua harmon on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by joshua harmon

Hello everyone,


I know this seems to be a ongoing thing from what i can find, but with solidworks dxf mapping of parts i need help.  To start the reason i need it to map sketches in the part mode is cause that is how we send cut parts out in radan dtm. We do a lot of custom parts and like to put etching on them from convert entities. The issue i have i want it to recognize either color or different line types in the sketches.  I know how to make it see color but when i do this it converts all my sketches to that color and coverts all my line types to that color.  So thats fine but sometimes we have sketches that we wouldnt want brought in or etched. So we need to either have it see the color of the lines that i make it in the sketch or see line types. A way to make a sketch different from another sketch? Does 2019 solid works fix this. Any thoughts or input would be forever grateful cause i am at a loss.