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High Contrast mode UI issues - Comment Box

Question asked by Don Hill on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Frederick Law

Trying to reduce eye strain and headaches. Between Windows themes, Firefox and Chrome extensions and SW color management, it's all giving me a headache. I've read up on all the discussions in regards to SW UI customization (or lack thereof). My issue involves the Comment box inside of a part. I was finally able to balance the colors between Windows themes and the SW color settings, except for the comment box. My text ends up being white (due to Windows Theme), but the SW comment box is near-white and I do not see an option in the color setting for this. So I'm having to type comments in Notepad and copy/paste. Effective, but annoying in the wasted effort. 

Any suggestions? Or just go back to same-ol-grind (and eye strain)?