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Flow Trajectories, viewing in VR with Edrawings professional

Question asked by Kevin Kellar on Jun 3, 2019

With the help of this forum, we can now open our SLDASM and PRT files in #Edrawings professional on our HTC Vive PC.


Is there a workflow to allow #flow simulation results to be loaded or to load edrawing files (.EASM, .EPRT) in VR-mode in Edrawings professional?

From what I see, the "#Open in VR" does not allow edrawing documents to be opened.  Saving simulation results (right click the actual cut-plot or flow trajectory, then clicking "Save As") has been my method of saving these results for viewing later or sharing with team members.

Is there a way to convert an Edrawing to a .SLDPRT maybe?  Then I could pick that result in "Open in VR"?


Has anybody figured this out?

(I'm using SW 2019 SP3)


Regards and Thanks in Advance, Kevin Kellar