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Trying to model a ribbed dome with a beehive pattern. 3D-sketches giving me trouble.

Question asked by Chris Vos on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by Chris Vos

I am trying to model a shape inspired by the pattern you see on the inside of the dome in this picture. (The radially symmetric pattern on the ceiling of the dome in the bottom left of the picture, not the pattern on the underside of the arch to the right of it.)

I'd like to keep only the shapes made by the light yellow tiles and turn them into 3d ribs and cut away everything else, so that I am left with a kind of lattice work. To make this a bit simpler, I decided to simplify the eye shaped cutouts to hexagons; kind of what it would look like if you stretched a beehive pattern across a half sphere.


I thought the best way to make something like this would be to make a 3d sketch of one set of ribs as a path for a swept boss/base and then to mirror and circular pattern that sweep to get a full dome.


I created a 3d sketch with a raster wrapped over a half sphere by making intersection curves between a swept helical surface and some planes with the half sphere:


Helical instersection curves on half sphere


I thought I would be able to now make a new 3d sketch, insert the converted entities I need from the 3d sketch pictured above and simply cut away any lines that I do not need. I planned to then be left with only the lines I indicated in red in the picture below, which i can then use as a sweep path to create a line of connected ribs that I can mirror and make a circular pattern out of to complete the dome lattice.

Remaining lines for helical hexagonal sweep path


However, SolidWorks is not cooperating with this step at all. I can start cutting lines, but apparently SW does not see most of these lines to be intersecting and clicking a line segment to cut removes a lot more than the single bit I'd like to cut. Sometimes a complete line is removed and sometimes the distance between two or three intersection points.


What would be a good solution to this? How can I end up with just the line segments I indicated in red? And is there perhaps a far easier/better way to get to the result I want that I should try instead? I have attached the SW file that these screenshots are of to this post, in case someone wants to give it a go.