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Basic surface question: Lofting surface between two bodies to complete a wrench

Question asked by Neil Gabie on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Neil Gabie

Hello Everyone, 


Newbie surfacing question here: as a learning exercise, I'm modeling this 1-1/8" combination wrench with reasonable accuracy to eventually model into a wrench rack for my toolbox. I'm using the experience to try some new techniques and features, while also producing a usable part file I can build the wrench rack from later. At this point, I'm quite inexperienced with surfacing, but I'm slowly working thru tutorials, forum posts, etc. to build my skill. 


As you can see in the photo, the closed end of the wrench has a gentle radii surface merging from the main wrench body (simple extrude) to the closed end itself where the nut goes (also a simple to model). I've tried to replicate this real-world feature with a series of sketches, guide curves and then an extruded loft. After quite some modeling time, I still haven't managed to replicate the feature. Even worse, that one feature has required a lot of sketching, splines, planes etc to create. 


I'm sure this can be accomplished much more simply with some of the surface modeling tools. Any suggestions from the experts on how you might tackle this feature creation? 


As always, thanks everyone for your input and wealth of knowledge on this forum.