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As seen before: sloooow & highlighting problems!

Question asked by Chris Lamb on Jun 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Molly Galvin

Happy Saturday all,


I know this issue has been seen, posted and replied to multiple times (I've been all over Google for answers and seen loads of comments regarding it) but unfortunately, the fixes suggested by others on YouTube and Deepak on here haven't yielded any results for myself so hoping someone may have some new light to shed on this age-old issue?


I've taken a quick screen capture to show what I'm facing; when the features have more complex drawings underneath them then the issue is exacerbated somewhat and can take >30s to come around again.


The common fixes I've found is that OpenGL is playing up (I'm not sure what to play with wrt. this - I've edited "..../Intel/Intel(R) HD Graphics/Workarounds" from xxx10 to xxx09 which made no difference at all, intact, it was worse so I changed it back to 10.


However (unlike the Youtube peoples' registries which showed "how-to's") I have multiple ".../Intel(R) Graphics/" folders - I've also taken a screenshot, attached.


Any and all help would be very gratefully appreciated.


Also, apologies if this is the wrong area - wasn't sure from dropdown menu of spaces!



EDIT TO ADD: It's SW19 and ran it with Rx selecting "launch SOLIDWORKS while bypassing the tools/ options settings" and it ran perfectly without the highlighting dramas...


Thanks, Chris