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Question asked by Andrew Wylam on Jun 2, 2019
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Please, can someone confirm I have a 3D Sail shape with/Graphic layout  If I just move items about on the layout sketches dragging part of the sketches to a new location size and or changing text /sail numbers all configurations change if I control position with measurement tools and go for one configuration no problem!  But is there a way of just moving one sketch without dimension it  by dragging and still only changing the one configuration at a time without fixing all the dimensions in a sketch first. So that they change just for one of the rig options you are working on.   The Boat has 3 different rig sizes  I think I should have just made 3 different files and adjuster each file to the required layout 


I am making a 3D module  for a trophy  so dimensions and size are not important just visual look 


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