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Performance evaluation rebuild time is far off by a factor of 4-100 times

Question asked by Peter Persson on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2020 by Neil Rothwell



My parts takes for ever to rebuild.. And it has been so for years and on at least 2 different high-end computers, currently I7@5GHZ, nvme m.2 raid-0, Quadro P4000 etc ... Im using every design trick in the book but still, rebuild time gets of the scale when features are growing above 20-30. 


I have also tried with the computer at default clock speed and also under-clocked but to no avail.

Tried to run it in OpenGL mode

Tried with all default option setting

Reinstalled windows 10 pro and SW

Ran memory test and CPU tests

Updated all drivers

Feature patterns are geometric patterns

Verification on rebuild unchecked

Disabled hyper-threading

-But nothing seems to help


This fairly large multi-body part (can't share it) takes 40-60 sec to rebuild. Edit a sketch and then one needs to wait 40-60 seconds... The performance evaluation says 11 seconds but that is not true... Pulling the freeze bar all the way down reduces the rebuild time to about 20-30 seconds, but the performance evaluation rebuild time says 0 seconds.. See attached picture.


Strangely enough, assemblies are fairly fast though. With the part in an assembly, the CTRL-Q rebuild last just a few seconds. Editing the part in the assembly is also fairly quick.


Any ideas?