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Transferring solid temps between flow simulations

Question asked by John Holecek on Jun 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by John Holecek

I am modeling a process where a 72F cold metal blank part is inserted into a 1400F preheated punch and die assembly.  The punch and die have multiple internal electric cartridge heaters and thermocouples.  I am using a volumetric heat source for the heaters that turns on and off in response to a temperature goal of the location of the thermocouple.  That works well with a time-dependent analysis and the punch and die preheat to a cycling non-uniform temperature distribution as the heaters cycle on and off. 

What I then want to do is “insert” the cold blank part.  This is where I need help.  How do I insert a new part into the simulation, while maintaining the punch and die temperature distribution from the pre-heat simulation?  I have tried to have the suppressed blank part in the preheat model, then un-suppress the part, but when I mesh the new domain that includes the blank part, I lose the ability to transfer the former temps.  I have also tried using the transferred boundary condition function, but it does not seem to work either, the punch and die solids just revert to the default initial temps.   I feel I’m missing something as this must be a common task.  Any advice is appreciated.