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I have a new part that is not fitting the Zoom Fit window

Question asked by Andrew Wylam on May 31, 2019
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I have a new part that is not fitting the Zoom Fit window it's all off to one side with lots of blank space around. I think it may be something else in the part file I can not see anything or select it

Been looking for points or graphic images or lines not on view

But using the Zoom all command the main part is off to one side looks as if something is giving a much total larger area than required making it hard to move the main item I am interested and when exporting to 3D pdf file the part is very small and off to one side. and not a lot of good. This all workes with other Solidworks part Files 

Any ideas?




There are a few images in the file I just can't find anything does not work with a selection window off to one side of the part  Image below is part as viewed. I can't see any other items in the view screen 

The Plan is to make a 3D file to produce some cristal cut 3D trophies. Don't know if there is anything wrong with the file that will stop them from doing this  View with Solidworks View Box tool