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Checking for suppressed feature returns wrong result

Question asked by Harold Black on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by Harold Black

I have a weldment feature that is suppressed and a piece of code that is intended to determine if a feature is suppressed. The bit of code I'm using to determine suppression is as follows.


Set swFeat=swPart.FirstFeature

Do While Not swFeat Is Nothing


boolArray=swFeat.IsSuppressed2(swThisConfiguration, vconfig_names)

Set swFeat=swFeat.GetNextFeature



boolArray is returning "false" when it is suppose to be "true". My swFeat is getting the correct features because I'm printing them to the window and I can see the names.


Update: It seems that I'm getting a wrong result when it is looking in the cut list folder. The suppressed weldment does not show in the cut list folder, yet it gives a result from issuppressed2. Why is this? My cut list folder is updated and the part is saved. I also can't avoid looking into the cut list folder because I am gathering information from the cut list properties.