FX3500's in place, worth a quick jump to FX3700?

Discussion created by 1-4U6AA8 on Apr 7, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2009 by Kevan Chapman
Simple question and I wont bother with a back story (for now...)

Is the jump from a 256mb FX3500 to a 512mb FX3700 worth it for SW2009?
(Machines are all P390's with Q6600s and 4gb ram, using dual 20" TFT's)

I know the architecture leap going from the 3500 to the 3700 and have questioned the naming scheme, the FX3700 should be near twice the performance than the FX3500 (going from my desktop counterpart knowedge)...

Has anyone went for this upgrade and have they found it to be a good decision?