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Routing flange/pipe problems

Question asked by Tom Burrows on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Marco Janssen

Hi, first time posting on here. I am having some problems with getting the routing library working properly. I have had to create a new library as the one supplied with Solidworks has nothing like we use at work. As far as I know I have assigned the C and R points correctly, and also the mate-references on the flanges and machinery they connect to. I can't seem to get anything to 'snap' together in my assembly.

When I went on the course for routing it seemed super simple with the Solidworks supplied library of parts, but I can't get anything I've done working correctly.

The reducers I have made work fine if placing in the middle of a pipeline, it is the end bits I am struggling with where they 'mate' to a pump or filter etc.


I've included a screenshot of one of the weld flanges we use with the way I have orientated the C+R points, this item is linked to a design table as we use many different sizes. 


Just wondered if anyone could see anything obvious I've done wrong, I have contacted our VAR in the past regarding routing issues and they weren't very helpful.


One of our suppliers uses weldments for there pipework, I was wondering if this would be a better way of doing it? It seems a lot simpler from what I have done with it so far.