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Update CutList property based on file location

Question asked by Harold Black on May 30, 2019

I have a part with a few weldments. For each weldment, I would like to change its description based on some pre-defined formatting rules I have already written. For example, if I have a W8 X 28 beam I would like to change the default description (W8x28) to BEAM, W8 X 28. I tried to get the property values (type and size) of the weldment feature but couldn't. I ended up extracting the weldment size from the profile path location. This only works on a feature though. I need to take this new description and write it into the features weldment cutlist properties. I noticed that you can edit the cut list item body in the cut list folder. There should be a way to get the profile path name from this. What would be the best solution to do this?



I solved this by creating a For Each loop on my bodies in the cut list and then got the features of each body. I was then able to look at the custom properties via custompropmgr which I was then able to get the weldment profile file path name.