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Can I change the default BOM choice on BOM tab in PDM

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by Brian Stoddard

I created a new BOM with different columns than the example BOM that someone previously created here.  When I go to the Bill Of Material tab when clicking on the assembly file in PDM, the previous BOM choice is the default.  Is there a way to set the other BOM created to show by default instead of having to do the drop down and selecting the new BOM every time?


In the attached picture, I want LAN BOM to be the default BOM that displays, not Example BOM.  Renaming it to come before Example BOM in PDM Administrator doesn't change anything.  I know I could just delete the Example BOM but I don't know if another location is using it.


Using Solidworks 2017 & PDM Professional 2017