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Making sheetmetal bend cone shape conform to another piece in assembly

Question asked by Brandon L on Apr 6, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2009 by Brandon L
Hey Guys,

First post on here, I hope this is simple, but have a couple sheet metal parts I am designing together. This one piece gets fastened to the top of the other and acts as a flap coming down. The flap has a 2in bend to it, and I would like to get it to conform to the vertical sheet metal piece on the side. You can see in the picture what i mean, i want the piece to be parallel to the pink line in the second picture. Since the flap is not perpendicular (it has two angles) to the side piece, it will have an arc in it to make it be flush with the vertical sheet metal side. How would I do that with the curved flange there? Thanks!