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API command of extension file

Question asked by Dmytro Kalyukh on May 30, 2019

Hey. I have problems with the Solidworks API.
I have several commands:

- "SW-SurfaceArea@@-03@222.SLDPRT" - Area details

- $PRP:"SW-Configuration Name"                - Configuration

- $PRP:"SW-File Name"                                - Part file name

I made a team that includes these commands, but I have problems.
Work teams
- "SW-SurfaceArea@@-$PRP:"SW-Configuration Name"@000.002.SLDPRT"

I need to replace the code with something like that.

- "SW-SurfaceArea@@-$PRP:"SW-Configuration Name"@$PRP:"SW-File Name.Extension"


Can anyone help me?