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Best exporter for rendering

Question asked by Camiel Heurkens on Apr 6, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2009 by Tony Szuta
im new to these forums so im sorry if there already is a topic about this or if its in the wrom place(please redirect me=))

i dont think the results from photoworks are realistic enough so i started looking for another renderer, i found indigo(anyone know something better?). it turned out that it doesnt accept standard SW-files(.sldasm/.sldprt). i had to save as .step/.iges, my version of solidworks (08/09 Student Design Kit) apparently doesnt want to "save as"(anything else than standard SW files).

also i tried the add-in hypershot, but that one doesnt do anything either(same as formatworks).

anyone know a solution? or is it just that i have the SDK?

any help welcome=)