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I have a few automation steps that i think would speed my life up greatly!

Question asked by Eric Eric on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Heiko Sohnholz

I am looking to have a macro that would automate the following;

  1. Open file properties
  2. Copy the text from "PartNo" field 
  3. Add custom property "SimilarTo"
  4. Paste it in the "SimilarTo" field


At work we are starting to add a note to drawings that says similar to xx part number, majority of the new parts we release are based off of old parts so we will often take an old part and do a save as and modify it. this is when i will have to go in and do the steps listed above to the parts. it does not sound like a very extensive process but when it is done multiple times a day it adds up.