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SW2019 auto rebuild

Question asked by Anton Petrov on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Anton Petrov

Hi All,


SW2019 for some reason rebuilds the entire tree of my models on open.  I have models with 1-3k features in them.  I also have models from SW 2017 (we skipped a version when upgrading) that rebuild on open and blow up.  This is an incredibly annoying behavior that did not exist in SW2017 and is a major problem for me.  


I know that there is a "suspend rebuild" option for assemblies and it does affect parts as well.  But setting that option to "never" does nothing- the models still rebuild on open.  Setting that option to "prompt" is worse since it rebuilds first then asks me if i want to rebuild the model and if i say yes then it rebuilds again.  


Freezebar is an option i guess... but it doesn't help me with my previous models.  I would have to "fix" the model and then enable freezebar.  And i really don't want to go through that process.  


Anyone got any tricks? Thanks in advance.