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    Exploded Line Sketches and Display States

    Joel Bickel
      Is it possible to hide SOME of the exploded line sketch in one display state and hide the other part of the sketch in another display state? For example, isolate the front of an assembly an its exploded parts with one display state and show the rear and it's explosion in another.

      I am trying to stay away from configurations.


      Don't ask me how this ended up in the "enterprise PDM" category. I never had a chance to pick a category.
        • Exploded Line Sketches and Display States
          Chad Leman

          I understand what you might have against configurations, but I think in this case they are the way to go. To my knowledge the explode line sketch is one sketch, and I am not aware that you can hide part of it dependant on a display state.

          The way we handle this situation is to use derived configs, making sure that the option to suppress new mates and new components is selected. This way you don't get surprise additions in the derived exploded view. Then we suppress the items we don't want to show or appear in the BOM. Alternatively, it is possible to show a component and in its properties select "Exclude from Bill of Materials." This setting is specific to the configuration so it won't affect your master config BOM.

          Hope this helps.