Paul Wyndham

Forum Update

Discussion created by Paul Wyndham on May 28, 2019

The forum update is OK for the most part. It just bothers me when you click the tile of a thread not it makes it almost look like nobody has replied. 


I have found my self clicking the Add a reply button several times thinking that nobody had responded just to find someone else already did.


I know this example has a lot of replies, but with the big Thread info bar and the space between the first post and the second with the Add button there, it usually doesn't even show the second post on the screen. I forget to read the grayed out number of replies. 



I know it is darker than grayed out, but I guess from the years and years of using windows my eyes skim right over something they think is grayed out especially when it appears that the page has ended.


Why did they fix that part that wasn't broken and left the broken part of not having a hard divider between topic areas: like between Administration and modeling questions. And having two variations of the Places content list.




I always try to get to the second version of the list at ALL COSTS. I will go to the notifications screen click on the heading of a post and then click on the category a lot of times to get to the section list with the thread activity. 


Then trying to get from the Administration thread list to the Data Management list is always a little error prone. 

I know I can go to all places, but the list is not alphabetical and it takes me to the dreaded overview page instead of the thread list. 


Just my thoughts back to those who were not asking.


P.S. This just came up: I started off in the General section and when I hit the Post button it said I didn't fill out this field.



I don't think they want me to put in Texas.

I will try "General" and see what that says.


That worked. I don't remember having to do that before. Nothing like adding extra steps to make things harder.