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Exploded Views Copy/Paste

Question asked by Mike Rodríguez on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Mike Rodríguez
The underlying issue seems to be with using "SelectByID2" to do anything with exploded views.
I have a solid works model I would like to copy the exploded view from one configuration to another. I've tried the not so robust way of using "SelectByID2" > .EditCopy > .Paste with little success. Sometimes it would copy and sometimes it wouldn't, reason currently unknown.
I moved on to creating a exploded view by referencing the steps of the exploded view I want to copy, using "ExplodeStep" interface members. It currently works well enough of form my needs. But now I want to rename the exploded view and there doesn't seem to be an interface member to do that. "GetExplodedViewNames2" only gets names it doesn't allow to set them. The not so robust way of using "SelectByID2" > "SelectedFeatureProperties" did not work either. I also want to use the smart explode lines feature on the newly created exploded view but there doesn't seem to be anything that supports that operation in VBA.
Attached is my code for the copy paste (the work around is commented out). Perhaps someone might know why it only sometimes working?
Or if in my work around you know of operations to rename or add smart exploded view lines.