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In depth Solidworks hardware benchmarks?

Question asked by Matt Juric on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Matt Juric

I've been looking at components and system builds as well as digging for information and benchmarks. What I'm finding is that 90% of the benchmarks out there are about rendering. Since rendering is about 2% of what I do most of what I see out there does not pertain to what I do. 


There are some good "Performance Enhancement" articles out there but most of them surround settings, software, modeling etc not really much on hardware.


Is anyone aware of benchmark info on various hardwares based on actual modeling usages? CATI has an article out there were they ran a macro and tried a plethora of changes. Again most of what they tried was software, modeling practices etc. They do have some hardware but largely basic stuff. I'm wondering if there is anything out there that does the same or similar with purely hardware changes. Something like "Run macro with a Quadro P4000 and the time is...." "Run the same macro with an RTX 8000 and the time is...."


Technology moves quickly and I tend to get pulled into the weeds on this kind of stuff. Would be nice if there was a quick reference guide to look at that said "Nope not worth it, that $200 only gets you .0005 secs more."