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New Parts In Toolbox Question: Adding Parts

Question asked by Darrell Conley on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Matt Juric

I was wondering if there was a way to add parts into toolbox in a way that lets you edit the information inside of toolbox like you can with the default toolbox components?  I am wondering because it would make it so much easier to manage our additional parts that we use on a daily basis.


Is modifying new parts with the Toolbox Settings program that are not standard parts when you install toolbox possible?


**Edit:  I attached the file that I want to be editable in the Toolbox Settings program.  I am trying to do this as a management position on the file due to so many people using it.  It needs to be locked down from toolbox because we have had many issues as of late with people needing to modify the file and just doing so without changing the configurations and messing up MANY assemblies.  This also comes in where part numbers are not correct because someone changed a setting inside of the configuration and many other issues.  If I can get this file into toolbox and editable only inside of the Toolbox Settings program this should eliminate the issues we are having with files like this.  I can then build a better library for our common used parts.


We do not have a PDM software nor are looking to upgrade to a PDM software (despite my many attempts).  So that option is not on the table.


IF I have to modify the database file any help with doing so would be appreciated.  I have basic knowledge of databases and using some of the other toolbox components as a reference should get me where I need to go.  But that would be a last resort.