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How to compare variables in PDM Dispatch and PDM Datacard?

Question asked by Pdm Admin on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by Pdm Admin

I made a Disptach script to update variable values at a datacard.
Before the value can be updated, it should compared with the actual value at the datacard.


I use a Jump function in my script to do that. But unfortunately it don't work.


This is the Jump rule:


So, at the SFW_Supported_From_CIP402_version variabele I filled the desired value at the begin of the script. If the DATACARD_SFW_Supported_From_CIP402_version is not equal to that value, the value must be changed. If the value is the same, then the script jumps to the end, and nothing will be changed.


I have set the DATACARD_SFW_Supported_From_CIP402_version variable as following:



I expect that the script looks to the SFW_Supported_From_CIP402_version variable at my datacard, to compare it. But it doesn't.


Can anyone tell me how I can compare the set value in the begin of the script, and the actual value of my datacard?