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Arrayed parts under same cut list item

Question asked by Matt Juric on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Matt Juric

I have a weldment that has an array, well a couple arrays, of the same part. When I create the cut list SW drops some of these parts under a different cut list item. I can drag and drop the bodies and put them all under the same item, but when I turn the "Create Cut List Automatically" back on it pulls all the parts I just moved into a new cut list item.


In short what is the "Best Practice" way to get parts of a weldment, that are the same, but SW does not see them as the same, under the same Cut List Item?


Or am I approaching this all wrong. The point is to have quantities of similar parts rather than multiple similar parts listed separately. Is there another way to approach this other than rearranging cut bodies into cut list item folders?