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Combine lengths of multiple different part instances in BOM?

Question asked by Nick Sinno on May 24, 2019
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Consider a BOM with items like keystock. As engineers we want to model and insert keystock to ensure we are accounting for enough when we give prints to the shop. But, we are trying to clean up our BOM system in the process of a move to a new PDM & MRP system. What we want is to have the BOM show one entry for a given keystock, with the total length for all keystock parts of that size.

In the attached image, the assembly has 3 keys, 2 at 6" lg, 1 at 2" lg. These are from 2 configurations inside of the part file 9938445600. Is there a way to get SW to combine those two entries into one, with a length of 14"? The configured parts are a new system for this type of thing, and not implemented yet, so changing how this is done is acceptable. It would be preferable to have this be an automated process however.


SW2017, SP5.