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Creating an outline model of an assembly

Question asked by John Wayman on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by Kevin Pymm

We are frequently asked to provide some kind of 3D representation of our kit by our customers, so that they can do clash detection, check that it will fit in the space, simulate the kit in a wider system, etc.

We usually try to remove all the fasteners, perhaps use the de-feature tool, and save as a Parasolid (because STP seems to forget to include lots of bits).

What they really want is a feature-less blob, describing the outside shape of our kit. What they get is a file showing far more detail than we want to send, or they want to receive.

Is there a slick way to achieve this? Think of chucking a sheet over an assembly and tucking it into the major nooks and crannies then making a 3D image of the sheet. I suppose it's a bit like Pro/E Shrinkwrap function.

I have even considered buying a seat of Creo just to be able to shrinkwrap our assemblies. That seems a little extreme, though.

I would welcome some ideas.


Then there is the site services requirement, where a plan view and a couple of elevations are required for inclusion in an Autocad drawing. I guess DXF in 3 planes would do that.



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