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Is there a way to fix this drawing view bounding box issue that I'm experiencing with hidden bodies and section views?

Question asked by Patrick Dunleavy on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Patrick Dunleavy

The following is a simplified example of the issue that I am having. Here is a multi-body part with reasonable bounding boxes...


If I hide the larger body in one of the views, the bounding box resizes...


If I make a section view on the smaller body, the bounding box of the section view is back to the larger size...


Is there a way to get the section view bounding box to be a size more on par with the size of the only shown body? This can make more complex drawings of more complex parts more difficult when drawing view bounding boxes are overlapping or completely encompassing other drawing views.


Any information or guidance is appreciated.


Side note: You may notice the section view has that dangling dimension color. This has only been an issue in this example that I threw together. It isn't the cause of the bounding box issue and isn't much of a concern to me at this time.  A message came up about SW not being able to section the part properly, but the section view bounding box behavior exists when everything sections fine.


Edit: I am using SW2016 SP 3.0