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Convert Regular part to a toolbox Part?

Discussion created by Brian Corbin on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Oliver Tilbury

HI Guys,


I have made some template parts which exist in our own server library. Some are fasteners, and standard items we build ourselves.


Its a mix of Part and Assembly files.


Some members of the team "forget" or are conused about what should be included in a Packngo and what shouldn't (I know its not that hard if you sort by folder etc).


I see the tool to convert a Toolbox part to a regular part will also work the other way around!


We dont use Toolbox at all here.


Questions are:

Is there any downside to me defining all my "Standard" parts and assemblies a "Toolbox" so they wont automatically be included in the PacknGO?


Will I as an admin still be able to edit these parts as per normal if required, even though they have the toolbox flag?





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