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Spare Solidworks 2018 DVD anyone?

Question asked by Michael Carter on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Frederick Law

Long story shortened: 

My company went through hell, laid off about 94% of its workforce after losing a contract a few years back. I'm still considered an employee, although I get no pay unless they have something specific come up. I was their only industrial engineer - the rest are software developers, of which there are 3 left from a group of 88.


They have a little work for me to accomplish, but I need some help. They didn't pay the $1500 annual support this year, so I'm unable to access the download section.


Somewhere along the line, IT lost the Solidworks media -- the 2018 disc. I was able to get a license server operational from the 2018 Service pack 3 download which is still on my work laptop. However, to install a new client on my system, I need the 2018 media. 


Anyone got a spare 2018 disc that's willing to part with it?


Mailing address:


Mike Carter

Fortior Solutions LLC 

5800 NW Pinefarm pl

Hillsboro OR 97124