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PDM 2017 File Explorer from program only showing vault in List View

Question asked by Nick Biancalana on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Ross Hazelwood

I've got a program I'm developing in Visual Studio (VB.NET) that where I want to select an assembly file from the vault to read the BOM. When I use OpenFileDialog to select the file, the vault won't switch views for the files and only detaults to a List View, which cuts off all filenames beyond about 40 pixels because the column is too narrow. There isn't even a way to drag the columns to be wider.


Now, I have gone back several times in my OS (Win 10 x64) and have set the vault to use a Details View for files, and applied to all folders, but the OpenFileDialog refuses to honor that, and will only ever show me files in List View. I've also tried using the EdmVault5.BrowseForFile with the same results.


Note that if I browse in a normal Windows File Explorer, it will allow me to change the view to List, Details, or any of the other types of views, so this is isolated to an Open File dialog.


Any ideas on fixes or work-arounds?