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Trouble with Concave Fillets in Isometric View Drawings

Question asked by Logan Williamson on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Logan Williamson

I am trying to complete the "Creating a Drawing from a 3D model" tutorial under the SOLIDWORKS tutorials for working with AutoCAD files. When I try to draw the flange part (model view, isometric) the concave fillet where the base of the cylinder meets the fastening plate seems to disappear. The lines that indicate the outer walls of the cylinder just abruptly end in the space where they meet the fastening plate. In the tutorial's sample, these lines meet up with the smaller of two different size circles, which indicate the start and end of the fillet. Is this method of displaying a fillet in a drawing different for me due to the version of SOLIDWORKS that I have (2018)? Or am I missing something that is preventing the fillet from making it into my drawing? It is important to note that the fillet is still there when viewed from any side perspectives, so the part definitely has the fillet of correct radius, it just doesn't appear in the iso view of my drawing. I have tried using the part flange.sldprt from the public files, as well as recreating the part myself and adding this fillet at the end, and doing it the way the tutorial does, where the fillet results from a curve in the drawing that you revolve. Nothing has worked to make mine appear the same as the tutorial's part, and I could use some advice.