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Macro To Update Part Configurations Through An Assembly

Question asked by Mike Avery on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by Mike Avery

Greetings all,


Background: I have downloaded typical McMaster-Carr threaded fasteners (bolt, screw, nut, etc) and have added a derived configuration called "No Threads" to each to suppress the threads for reasons of better load and rebuild times. As of right now all of our models have threaded fasteners with threads showing. Sometimes we want threads to show and sometimes we don't. I am looking for ways to be more efficient and increase model performance. Changing the configuration of each fastener is not efficient which leads me to my question:


Is there a macro that has the ability to go through an assembly and change the configuration of each part that has the "No Threads" configuration and change it back to its parent configuration when needed? I appreciate any help and thank you in advance.