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Much Longer Time to Switch to an Assembly Config Than to Open it From Scratch

Question asked by Frank Root on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Frank Root

This one baffles me…  Answer me this…


I have been doing some time testing on SW 2019 SP 3.0 because it just seems slower than 2018 5.0 (although maybe not the case).  What I have seen is excessively long times required to change from one configuration, in a moderately sized assembly, to another configuration.  Configuration “1” takes “x” time to open.  It then takes “4-6x” the time to switch from configuration “2” back to configuration “1”.  The same holds true for the opposite direction.


I have also found this to be an issue with 2018 5.0.  I always thought switching configurations was slow, but putting times to it shows 4-6 times longer to switch to a configuration than to open that configuration from scratch.  This baffles me because a good portion of the models are already in memory.  Why so long?  Settings selection?  Softer issue?