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Drawing sheet missing completely

Question asked by K. M. on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by Rishikesh Pawar

So I've been roped into using SW instead of Inventor for a project, and as I was making my drawing for the assembly, the second sheet just disappeared. it shows up in the tree on the left side, but there's no sheet, and my views are either invisible or not there, or I just can't see them. The first sheet is perfectly normal and in position, no issues. The second sheet is just gone.


This is a huge waste of my time to spend 15-20 minutes doing the details on a drawing sheet, and having it just disappear. I've tried restarting SW, which usually works for when your views just disappear, but at this point in their development, how is that still a common issue??? views disappearing happens like once a day for me, so far.




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