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    Search Enterprise PDM

    Mathew Stevenson
      How does the search work? This is what I know.

      1. By default, you don't need to use * as a wild card as searching a word like pump is the same as *pump*

      2. A space within two or more words is OR. Example: Trailer Light is seen by EPDM as trailer OR light

      Ok, then:

      A. What is trailer* show in EPDM?
      B. What does *trailer show in EPDM?
      C. How do you do AND? Example Trailer AND Light.
      D. What do %, ", and * do if anything?
      E. What are the other ways to search?
        • Search Enterprise PDM
          Lucas Dexter
          A. trailer* = all files that begin with trailer. We actually use this one a lot because it does not tax the processor as much (if at all) with this type of search. In fact I added the '*' to the search form to make it easier on the users.
          B. *trailer = all files that end in trailer.
          C. Not sure how to do an AND search other than a variable search
          D. Not sure what % or " do but the * over rides the hard coded contains search rules. I.E., with the * at the end of the search tells the system to only search to the right. With the * at the beginning of the search tells the system to only search to the left. With no * tells the system to search in both directions.
          E. Check out the variable search tab in the Complete Search form for all kinds of wildcards and variable searches.

          Hope this helps.