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Help with Custom Macro

Question asked by Justin Triplett on May 20, 2019

Macro Help


I'm new to macros and I've just started trying to learn some basics but I'm not sure how to do what I need.


I need a macro to do the following


Insert Design table (for a part or assembly)

*Design table is custom and is stored on local network so I need macro to point to this location to import.


After design table is inserted, is there a way to populate the design table fields applicable to the individual part/assembly with data from an excel spreadsheet also stored on local network? For example, after custom design table is inserted, macro will look up the part/assembly number from an excel spreadsheet, find the fields for that particular part and insert them into the correlating fields of the design table. 



I've attached a snippet of the custom design table and the excel spreadsheet for the data to be inserted. 


I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can lend.