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"Envelope" in Advanced Component Selection, multiple context of same term

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2020 by Tom Gagnon

Regarding Advanced Component Selection (ACS) tool for assemblies, Category1 has an available choice of, Envelope Select -- SW Special. It apparently allows selection of items inside, crossing, or outside the Bounding Box of a chosen component. That is interesting, but currently irrelevant to me.


My concern is the ambiguous use of the term Envelope, where that term also applies to Component Properties in an assembly. That term in ACS ought to be renamed to Bounding Box or such to clarify.


I was actually looking for a way to select all envelope items, by Component Status = Envelope, when I discovered the ambiguity. That ACS option is not present. Is there any way to select all envelope components? Maybe by reference to Component Properties instead of Component Status?

Would it be useful or even applicable to add Envelope and/or Exclude from BOM as a Component Status available to be ACS filter-selected? I'd find it useful.


To clarify:

Component Status in ACS includes fixed, over defined, under define, fully defined, has errors, resolved, lightweight, suppressed, etc.

Component Properties is a window to control a component's Display State, Configuration properties, suppression, envelope, and exclude from BOM status.

Custom Properties (not discussed above, to be clear) is a Property within the component and not a status within the assembly, but is also available as a filter definition within ACS.

Envelope is a component property to exclude its weight, exclude from BOM, and display transparent in a chosen color as well as able to toggle visibility en masse within drawing views.

Bounding Box is a 3D box around a component which expresses its XYZ extents.

In ACS only, Envelope Select refers to bounding box and not envelope status. This is the multiple context of the term Envelope.

Feel free to clarify if I have misunderstood terminology and semantics. Thank you.


Ref. install 2018 SP5.