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Loft synchronization

Question asked by Ken Brunskill on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Chris England

A novice here, using the tutorial's I am in 'Lofted Surface-Surface Bodies' lesson, have the Nozzle created and lofted, only the lofted surface is twisted, the tutorial directs the user to 'Loft Synchronization' which states:

  1. Click a handle handle_loft_synchronization.gif on one of the profiles.
  2. Drag towards another vertex to relocate the connector. Nothing I try or can find creates a "Handle", I am sure it is simple, I just cannot find what or where to click to get this.Secondary to this question can someone suggest a good resource/reference that I can obtain to find where these commands are located? I am an 80 year old veteran, who is learning SW for potentially some part time work, as well as for a pastime (have a small machine shop, & build model steam & gas engines), the solid modeling is to recreate the plans to check them for accuracy and fits.