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    John McCall

      Hello all.

      I just wondering for those who use EPDM is it worth the extra cost?
      What is the extra cost? (£)
      Can it link into programs like Sage?
      How does it affect your company? Does only the engineers use it or does other departments like purchasing use it... How much can they get from it?

          Extra cost over what? Workgroup PDM? If so, usually yes. You can only be the judge as your specific business requirements may or may not justify the extra cost. As for the actual cost, you'll need to talk to your VAR.

          I don't know what Sage is, but if it's an ERP system of sorts, yes and no. EPDM has the ability to export data via XML, but it currently does not have the ability to import.

          The return of investment for EPDM for our company hasn't be broken down into dollars and cents, but it's not just engineering that use the system. Manufacturing, service, purchasing, engineering, inventory control, documentation, and vendors use the system. It's probably paid for itself in the time it has saved engineering by not having to send vendors drawings. Not to mention the cost savings on printing and paper internally.

          As for what you can expect to get out of it: you're only limited by your imagination. One can attach as much meta data as one wishes to each document/item, so you can use it to track things other than parts and drawings. It's like anything though; you get from it what you put into it.

          For us, we use it to obviously handle our models and drawings, but we also use it to track engineering changes. That evolved over time; first I built a standalone application that interfaced with EPDM, we ditched that and used Excel files within the vault, and we then moved away from that and are using a web based application. As our processes evolved we still use EPDM as the primary source of information. While I cursed and swore about SolidWorks advertising that EPDM would handle ECN's out the box, I'm grateful that it is flexible enough that I can roll my own solution.

          I'd also like to mention that the EPDM group from SolidWorks is very active with their customers who use the product. They listen and are genuinely interested in how they can improve the product. It's nice to see.

          So is it worth it? If you're a one man shop, probably not. If you're a manufacturing shop, maybe not too. However if you need to track changes to parts and have been asked for a drawing more than once last week, yes.
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              Chad Leman

              You bring up an interesting point about PDM and ECNs. We are currently using spreadsheets that pull SOME data out of PDM for the changes, but there is still a lot of manual input involved, ie typing out part numbers and descriptions in the spreadsheets, and the sheets and the parts are not truly linked together, that is, one can proceed in the workflow without the other.

              What are you currently using to handle ECN's? You mentioned some sort of online product?

              Interested to know how your company is handling ECNs with ePDM.

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                  Ali Duman
                  How to handle ECN process in PDM is the subject that I am also interested.

                  We are cycling ECN document as a parent of Solidworks file by copying and pasting Solidworks file as reference over to ECN document. That way we can tie them and cycle thru them together. However we can not close ECN automatically. Someone needs to follow up notifications and find out when all child Solidworks files to be released and then close the ECN.

                  Wondering how others handle.

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                Tonya McNeil

                We have been using PDME for 4 months now. We are going to put all of our Solidworks, Excel, Word, Emails, etc.... in here. It seems to keep crashing to a minimum and does not take forever to load large assemblies because it is connected to your C: drive. It has been a great benefit for all in our company. From Engineering to Purchasing (EC Documents), From Project Managers (Microsoft Project) to Shop Managers.

                You can put any kind of document that you want in there and it works like Explorer! Its so easy to use. Its not as easy to set up so you will want to purchase a pre-set up thru your local Solidworks Dealer. And get a few hours on onsite set up time included in your purchase. Its not real difficult to do things in there after you get all of the bugs figured out. Im not sure the price, but it is worth it. I think I remember us buying about $4,000 worth in licences.

                It tracks all of your revisions and keeps them safe. It also can notify the next person in charge of the next step in the process of Approval for any kind of document. It keeps everything clean and tells you who did what to which item in the vault. You can make it so that each user can see or not see what you want them to. Keeps everything connected even if you move files around in explorer. I am not sure how it links to Sage, sorry. We use Solidworks, great 3D solidmodeling program. Hope this helps!

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                    John McCall

                    Does any one know how much it cost...?

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                        Rob Jensen
                        Contact your VAR if you want pricing.

                        We are looking into EPDM and it all depends on how many licenses you want, training, how many locations, etc. etc.

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                            John McCall

                            I got the info. they say £1700 per seat to buy and £300 a year subs. Does that sound expensive ?

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                                Arnt Wiebicke
                                My question is: "Why do we need to pay for an extra tool such as PDME if we have Workgroup already in place". I fully understand the benefits that PDME has but "no" major improvements are done to Workgroup. Just compare it to SW. How many new items are added with each release to get new customers. What about Workgroup. Nothing but rather PDME is promoted. Shouldn't the subscription service of thousands of users pay for SolidWorks Workgroup PDM innovative programming capability? SW brings out new improvements that are full of bugs. This leaves the customer being stuck with subscription service in order for him to upgrade to the same "fully functioning" version 2 years later. We are paying thousands of dollars in subsciption service and now we are offered another tool for even more money to be added. I think there is a problem here.
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                                    Arnt Wiebicke wrote:


                                    Shouldn't the subscription service of thousands of users pay for SolidWorks Workgroup PDM innovative programming capability?

                                    Yes and no.

                                    The primary focus for SolidWorks should be to introduce new features and functionality to their flag-ship product. SolidWorks. You choose what subscription you want; Standard, Professional, Premium. While I agree that some revenue should be put towards PDMW, I don't agree that it should receive the same amount of focus of the core-product itself. You're being offered another tool because PDWM and EPDM are in totally different leagues. Even though I hate to admit it, I would be upset if EPDM was included with SolidWorks Premium. That would mean that it's being offered as 'part of a package'. It's not and hopefully never will be. The focus would be lost. It's like Outlook and Outlook Express.

                                    Chad, I have rewritten forum software to tie into EPDM. Each 'forum' is an approval stage in the process. The forum takes the workflow from EPDM. It's quite elaborate, so send me an email and I'll give you the URL to preview.