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Re-showing deleted model item dimensions...

Question asked by Paul Korenkiewicz on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Fred Groendyk

I am trying to use model item dimensions as much as possible (sorry...  left over angst from CREO...).  My problems is it seem virtually impossible.  I typically would create my views, sections and details and then work my way from the details thru section finally to the main views.  I have a detail view off a section view, but can only show the model item dimensions in the section view?  And then I have to expand the detail view to basically encompass the whole model in order to move the dims to the detail view?   <rant off>   My real problem/question here is that in working (figuring out the SW behavior) with this detail and section view I deleted a model item dimension that I know want back.  BUT SW says I only get to insert it ONCE, and then it's too bad looser?   Oye vie!   Anyone got any suggestions?  I can't believe that I can't retrieve a model based dimension that I deleted.