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Multi-cavity tool. Plastics

Question asked by 1 2 on May 16, 2019


I'm new to solidworks plastics. I need to simulate a mold with two different cavities.

I made a part with 11 bodies and I assigned each body to a domain.

  • 2 cavities
  • 4 cooling channels
  • 2 mold bodies
  • 2 sprues (runner)
  • 1 runner

After assigning the element sizes I press the next button and I get the following error:

"More than one isolated cavity detected, which is not supported. Please connect the cavities with a runner system."

The two cavities are connected with via 3 runner bodies (2 sprues and one runner). I get the same error even if I combine the runner bodies into a single body.

All of the bodies have been checked for interference.

The points that the sprues connect to the cavities (gates) make contact with both bodies.