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Bending in two directions

Question asked by Giovannibattista Rossi on Apr 4, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2009 by Giovannibattista Rossi
I am trying to model a crampon (crampons are metal points that climbers attach to their boots to climb ice, for examples see: Grivel or Black Diamon). I have modeled the points as Base Flanges and then bent them with the Sketched Bend tools. That wasn't too hard.

The problem is that now I am trying to bend the front part of the crampon slightly to follow the curve of a standard alpine boot. However that curve is perpendicular to the bends I sketched and Solid Work will not allow me to do it (see attached file for an exaggerated side view). I think this might be possible with a forming tool, but that seems a lot of work and I would like some advice before proceeding.

Please be very clear as this is my first sheet metal part and I am fairly new to SolidWorks.

Thank you in advance