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Display Styles- Hidden Lines Removed or HLVisible causes components to disappear from drawing view

Question asked by James Harvey on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by James Harvey

Good day SW forum people,

I created an assembly model and put it into a drawing as I typically would. Strangely, when any drawing view Display Style is set to HLR or HLV many components disappear from the view. Hidden Lines Removed is typically my desired display style in the drawing environment. If I change to either of the shaded views the components are visible again and all looks normal. When in wireframe I can see all the components but also some strange "artifacts", i.e.lines that extend far beyond the drawing sheet.


HLR (HLV result is similar), many components are not shown. Also of note, when I drop the view onto the drawing sheet, all appears fine for a few seconds before the components disappear.

Shaded With Edges (or Shaded) and all appears normal.



I tinkered with High Quality vs. Draft Quality and get more strange results.

The High Quality/Draft Quality option only appears when in Shaded with Edges Display Style. When I select HLR or any other Display Style, the option goes away. I never noticed that detail before, is this normal?


I'm stumped. Suggestions?

Have any of you seen this before?