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Random Sketch Relations Added To Sketches on Rebuild

Question asked by Christopher Huntley on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Alex Lachance

Question for the SolidWorks flock regarding a new behaviour that is driving me slowly mad...



  • I have a master model for a series of saved-out parts that is driven off a series of not very complex reference sketches.  These sketches all reference a single (simple, triangular) master sketch ...
  • The model is a moulded enclosure for an electronic assembly and contains some mildly complicated surfacing and the usual collection of moulded in features.
  • There is some referencing between bodies but I try to keep that to a minimum due to the pain of reworking client-requested changes which may or may not be drastic ...
  • Model has 600-odd features and not even close to some of the horribly complex (and stable!) models I have worked on in recent years
  • I'm running SW2018 Sp5, W10 b1809 on a Lenovo P52, 16GB ram, Quadro P2000 -  drivers up to date, including broken trackpoint firmware (...)



  • Reference sketches at the top of the model tree fail on rebuild, causing the feature tree to be daubed in blood'n'pus
  • opening sketches to investigate reveals that spurious references have been added to external geometry (other reference sketches) - random coincident relations, incorrect lines referenced for parallelism etc.
  • correct sketches, rebuild and carry on as before
  • random time later after editing downstream feature, ref sketches fail and entire edifice comes crashing down...


I have gone as far as completely clearing and rebuilding all sketch relations from master and reference sketches but the problems keep occurring (never quite the same error, though).  I have seen errors toggle on rebuild on other models (fail/fine/fail/fine etc.) that I traced back to dodgy modelling and body errors but there is nothing obvious that I can see here!


Before I go and annoy my VAR, have any of you noticed this kind of behaviour before and if so, what was the cause?




p.s. sorry, can't share the model


## edit to note that this started two days ago ##