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Sheet Metal Chamfer Help (not chamfer break corner)

Question asked by Jesse Robbers on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Jesse Robbers

I'm doing new work now with sheet metal & weldments, haven't done hardly any of this type of work before aside from Solidworks Cert tests. So I may not know some tribal work arounds or things of that nature that are acquired from day in day out usage in sheet metal.


In the attached file it's a metal enclosure, 50" long, 8" wide, 4" tall, with a 1.5" chamfer at the top/outer edges. This is able to be made in CAD and manufacturing as is, using the convert to solid feature in Solidworks. I think this works fine, but kind of think the convert to solid is a lazy or not right way to go about things, maybe for this case it's the only or best way. I took some stabs at it using some different approaches using sheet metal features only (did not use convert to solid feature), and I failed to find another way that would solve and that would not be more steps or work or as stable as the attached file.


To make this same enclosure that is a rectangular box (no chamfer present) is simple & easy to do, but there is no function that I'm aware of to add a chamfer to a bend line in the software as you would add a chamfer to a solid body part file.


My question for help or assistance to more experienced sheet metal users is can this same enclosure be made the same as it is in the attached file using only sheet metal features (don't use convert to solid)? The corners are to be ripped in same position so only simply bends are used, no forming actions permitted, possibly moving the rip edge away from the corner may be acceptable (may give some jagged funky rip line), corners to be square (not rounded from sweep function).


Thanks for the help. The file is done in 2018.