Ted Cox

New Frequent Crash

Discussion created by Ted Cox on Apr 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2009 by David Edwards
I have been working on an assembly (less than 50 parts including hardware) now since January and only here recently SolidWorks shuts down when I have a draft file and the assembly open at the same time.
While working with this file earlier I have had many parts open along with the draft file and have not had a crash.

Error Message

"SolidWorks is unable to obtain required memory.

Please attempt to free some memory and then press Retry,
Or press Cancel to terminate your SolidWorks session"

This issues seems to have started within the last week or so.

I have upgraded the RAM and increased the virtual memory and there are no other issues with any other programs except photoView 360 which is even more flakey than before.
It is now to the point where PhotoView 360 is not usable, it will crash the instant any appearances are applied.

Any ideas?